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Everest, the highest peak on earth sits at 8850 metres.

Once you’ve witnessed that peak, you’ll always crave more. So, in the pursuit of peak pleasure, sexual freedom and wellness — join us in opening your mind, heart and body to the good vibes and good times. Feeling on top of the world is just the beginning.


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The Sexdex

We have high standards. Think of the 8850 Sexdex as a reflection of our values, as well as our guarantee of peak performance and responsible manufacturing.


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Intimate Earth Hydra Water Based Lubricant

Here’s the thing: Your skin is the largest organ you have. It absorbs everything you put on and in it. What you put on the body is as important as what you put in the body. Discover

Jems Condoms

We can’t say enough good things about this just-launched Canadian company. Their condoms are created with intention, made from natural latex and 100% silicone lube, and vegan, gluten and cruelty free to boot. Discover

Chakrubs Xaga Curve

Stress is real and anxiety is clearly becoming the most rampant disease of our time. Created from black obsidian, this crystal has the power to relieve muscular and emotional tension, and is believed to support stamina, vigour and wise decision making. Discover

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