welcome to the sexdex

At 8850: The view is clear

We research each 8850 partner meticulously and test drive every product. At the base is how well it performs, and then we examine it to ensure it's a good and healthy choice for you – and for the world. We landed on a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being The Peak.

the sexdex

6: The Peak
5: Rewarding
4: Good
3: Good, but…
2: Guilty Pleasure
1: Toxic

How do we score the Sexdex?

We look at 6 key factors:

Best in class

Diversity & Inclusion
Created by brands that prioritize inclusion + education as a primary focus

Social Responsibility
Produced by a socially progressive + responsible partner

Labour Impact
Created with fair labor practices. 

Product transparently displays or openly offers all materials used in the production

Environmental Impact 
Developed + manufactured with environmentally responsible sourcing, materials and packaging practices