How to Use Sex Toys? 6 Things to Know For All Genders

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There are a ton of available sex toys in today’s marketplace and choosing the best one can be tricky with so much to choose from. The following information will help get you started:

Determine the source you want to purchase your sex toys from.

If you’re looking for a thrilling experience, you can choose to shop in an actual brick-and-mortar adult novelty store, or you can shop online. When you go to a physical store, you’ll be able to see (and sometimes touch) toys up close, that way you can get a good look around to see which items seem most exciting to you.

If you’re uncomfortable with this option and want something more discreet, we suggest you shop online, but whether in person or from the comfort and privacy of your own home, spend some time ensuring you’re shopping from a reputable source. Your genitals are 90% more absorbent than the rest of your body’s skin, so it’s vital that your sex toys are made with body safe, medical grade ingredients and materials. Only a reputable merchant can provide you with safer, quality products you feel good about.

Sex toys can be used by everyone!

No matter your pronoun (s), sex toys because are meant from everyone. Whether you want solo play or wish to introduce sex toys into a relationship, with open communication we’re convinced there’s a toy that provides pleasure and fun for any occasion... Single people, couples and even groups can all utilize sex toys for added thrilling experiences.

You must be over 18 in Canada

You cannot purchase sex toys in Canada if you are under 18, as there is a legal age criteria for buying sex toys.

Always clean your sex toys

Proper hygiene is a must, and sex toys need to be cleaned meticulously and stored appropriately after use. This will help keep them in perfect condition, and your products will last a longer time. Using gentle soap and water will work when sanitizing your sex toys, but you can also consider sex toy cleaners made specifically for this purpose.

These products contain antibacterial properties, which will ensure cleanliness. Don’t forget to dry your sex toys with a lint-free or microfiber towel.

Hide your sex toys properly

Storing your sex toys properly is a must, and you should not store two sex toys together because some materials can counteract each other. 

Silicone, for example, will react when it touches other silicone resins, and its surface will break down. Storing your sex toys separately in a clean and dry location will keep them damage-free.

It’s okay to recycle sex toys

This may sound surprising, but some sex toys are made from materials that can easily be recycled. It would be best if you recycled them according to the materials they're composed of whenever possible.

Whether you invest in a sex toy and decide it’s not right for you or have a close friend who doesn't mind getting your sex toy hand-me-downs (yes it’s true, we’ve heard of this before!), recycling sex toys is okay as long as they are damage-free and thoroughly sanitized. 

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