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At 8850, our POV is clear. We research each of our partners meticulously and test drive every product before it makes it to our website. To position our values and research standards at the forefront of our business and to create transparency with you, our community, we’ve created the SexDex; a filtering system we use to rate each product and company we do business with and support. It’s our way of ensuring our community should expect the very BEST when you shop with us.

Our scale is rated 1 to 6, 6 being the golden standard, the best of the best, the peak.

At the base of our scale, we investigate how well the product performs.  From here we examine each product to ensure it’s a great and healthy choice for you and our planet. The 6 key factors we EXAMINE, and the questions we ask ourselves when we’re rating products and their manufacturers are based on:

⚡ Performance: How does this product stand-up to other similar product choices on the market today?

👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏼 Diversity and Inclusion: Is this product created by a company that prioritizes inclusion and accessible education as a primary focus?

🌎 Social Responsibility: Is it produced by a socially progressive, responsible partner that goes out of its way to create equitable opportunities?

💪 Labour Impact: Is this product created with fair labour practices?

🔍 Transparency: Does the product come with an open list of materials used in its production?

🌲 Environmental Impact: Is this product developed and manufactured with environmentally responsible sourcing, materials and packaging practices?

If we can clearly answer each of these with confidence, and if we know a product and its creators align with every one of these values, we’ll rate it a 6.  We’ll never carry a product that rates below 4, and we’re committed to act as advocates in partnership with suppliers and on your behalf to further standards in each area and to propel the lack of global manufacturing regulations forward.  Our goal is to elevate consumer expectations within this industry – toward wellbeing for all.

Team 8850

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