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Are you, or someone you’re purchasing for keen on exploring the world of pleasure and pleasure products, but aren’t sure where to start? It’s difficult to single out the “best beginner-friendly sex toys” in a sea of choice and options.  We want you to feel safe and good that you’ve come to the right place. exists to provide insight, education and resources for all people learning to experience and broaden their sense of wellbeing and pleasure. We especially LOVE being in contact with all of you who come to us for beginner toy recommendations we feel confident you’ll enjoy.

A good thing to keep in mind when exploring the world of sex toys is that they’re designed for pleasure, and a lot of times can revolve around an orgasm; however, we want you to consider that pleasure is much more than a quest to reach that sole peak.  We believe that the joy in this journey is in the discovery and small steps along the way.  We’d offer that exploration, trial and error, levity, fun and curiosity are all essential components to learning what self-love and sexual liberation looks to you.  It’s supposed to BE FUN!  When you begin exploring the world of toys, you’ll discover what type of sensations, pressures, vibrations and size peak your pleasure the best, and those sensations are dynamic and will change.  Lean into the journey and enjoy, and with all that in mind, here are our top picks for beginners:

Blush Gaia Eco-Friendly Bullet: This is our smallest and most affordable vibrator we carry. It’s small discreet — meaning it’s a beginner’s dream because it’s less intimidating then a larger, bulkier toy.   Bullets make perfect beginner toys as they’re designed for solo intimacy and are a fun tool to introduce into the world of first-time partner play.

Pom: Clitoral stimulation vibrators are a wonderful option for beginners as they’re small, fit in the palm of your hand, and easier to maneuver during couple’s sex, or alternatively, to hold in place for solo play. Our Dame Pom has a range of vibrations so it’s a good product to explore what intensity works best for you.

Butt Plugs: While we don’t typically think of butt plugs as a beginner’s toy, we don’t want to rule them out completely for a few reasons:  we believe PLEASURE is a journey.  Anal play may be something you’re new to and we feel it’s important to have a place to start when exploring all types of pleasure, that includes people interested in exploring or graduating in the area of anal stimulation.  What makes our Wednesday Co. butt plugs accessible is that it comes with 3 different sizes in a pack. That means you have 3 different circumferences to start with, the smallest being an approachable place to start that’s easier going for beginners.  From there, you can explore and work your way to larger options as desired.  

There you have it folks!  These are our top choices for beginner toys.  We’re confident this provides all people a great place to start from (including price point variety, erogenous zone options, discretion in mind, size and environmental impact).  As always, if you have questions or other recommendations, we’re here for it!  Please DM us or contact us via email at

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