How to Prepare For Anal Sex

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Anal play can sometimes be a scary thought for many couples, but when educated and prepared, anal sex can also be a very fun activity. Many people don’t know the anal canal contains certain erogenous zones and nerve endings that other forms of sex can’t trigger. This is why anal sex is worth exploring if you’re open to it. 

It’s important to educate yourself first. The anal area doesn’t offer lubrication in the same way as vulvas do, which is why anal sex comes with a few more warnings and risks and may require a bit more finesse than vaginal sex. We want you to know this before diving in, and we want to share our experiences and understanding of how things work back there to support you in feeling more prepared and comfortable before jumping in, but we also recommend you access other educational resources from credible sources like articles and videos for added informative content and experiences from diverse POV’s. 

Before having anal sex, talk with your partner to learn about their sexual activity and health history. Unprotected anal sex is considered a high-risk activity, so we highly recommend you take the time you need to really know and understand who you’re sharing this experience with. We also suggest discussing whether anal sex is even something your partner’s interested in, as everyone has different sexual preferences.

If you’re new to anal sex, the following will help you ease into things:

Try anal alone first

Get familiar with your body before bringing a partner along. In this way, you can take as much time as you’d like to understand your own pleasure preferences back there. Get to know your own body first, and if you're uncomfortable with actual penetration, anal stimulation can be exciting alone or with someone you trust. 

You can try exploring the sensitive skin on and around your anal sphincter with a lubricated finger.  Explore the muscles just outside and just inside. The more you know, the better and easier it will be to advocate for your wants, needs, preferences and sexual limitation.

Use sex toys to prepare

Anal sex toys like anal plugs are a great way to jump into the world of pleasurable anal play. This is true regardless of whether you have tons of experience or are relatively new to the act.

No matter where you stand, u know that’s it’s ok to take the time you need to prepare before having penetrative anal sex because it’s only as good as the level of comfort you’re experiencing all the way through, from knowing what -lube you prefer to how to relax anal muscles. You’ll experience a level of pleasure you’re open to, and recognize that takes time, practice and preparation. For the latter, we suggest using butt plugs and/or anal beads, both of which are available in different sizes, to help you with finding what feels good.

Go Slow

The muscles around the anus don’t usually relax right away. It’s important to go slowly and allow your body to get used to new and different types of sensation. It’s especially important that you take things slowly during the first moment of penetration, as getting past the exterior anal sphincter for the first time can feel abrupt. 

Make sure you use lube

Lube is necessary for anal sex. Aside from consent, lube is the most crucial element, which is why we recommend you stock-up before getting started. 

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