Dame Pom

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A vibe built with 5 Patterns, 5 intensities, and medical grade silicone, we love that Pom is flexible and malleable. Its size is equivalent to a fresh bar of soap which is handy in the bath or shower, and since its waterproof and fits into the palm of your hand, we love that you can give yourself a good rub-in-the-tub.  Yep, we said that! 😉

Designed for broad and targeted stimulation, the Dame Pom vibrator bends to your every whim. This vibrator is equipped with a powerful yet whisper-quiet motor, 5 unique patterns and intensities so you can customize every experience to your pleasure preference. The compact size has an ergonomic design meant for outer, targeted stimulation.   It’s soft and flexible enough to conform to your hip movements and snuggles in close to your vulva.

Whats best is that it comes from Dame and since were 100% aligned with Dame and the values they’re a stand for, well keep using this toy until it breaks up with us!  As a socially progressive company that has pioneered change in wellness, were devoted fans.

Sexdex: 5

Team 8850


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